choose and register your team

    Each team must enter its information and pay the registration fee (€200 for 100 km, €100 for 55 km and €15 for 10 km). Check the bonuses and advantages available.


    Did you know that we can bring water to more familieswith what a team raises? Join the challenge, walk to combat climate change and turn your kilometers into water!

    SING UP!

    Registration is open until 4 May 2023 or until the maximum possible number of teams is registered.

    If you have participated in previous editions, enter your profile (team page) and click on "Repeat registration".

    Incomplete teams will not be able to participate. Limited spots: 400 teams


    • Don’t think twice, and recommend Trailwalker to your family and friends. If a team(*) mentions you when signing up, you can get a great reward:
      • €100 if you participate in the 55km or 100km race, and €50 if you participate in the 10km race, which go directly to your team’s scoreboard.

    • Teams that raise more than €3,000 will be able to participate in the next edition without paying any registration fees (at least 1 of the team members must repeat and raise the minimum amount). Write to infotrailwalker@oxfamintermon.org if you are interested.

    *A new team whose members are all first-time participants.



    Once the team is registered, you will have your own private team page that you can personalize with a photo and presentation text, link to social media and share among your friends, family, business colleagues... and all the people you want to involve in this project for a cause. In addition, by signing up, you will receive our monthly e-newsletter, with news about Trailwalker and other Oxfam Intermón activities.




    Everyone can participate in the Oxfam Intermón Trailwalker... but good preparation is essential! Oxfam Intermon Trailwalker is not an everyday event, and it’s not always easy to find information on how to best prepare for this type of activity. That’s why we’ve created a guide with all the information you need to get ready for Trailwalker.


    DOWNLOAD GUIDE (spanish version)


    Before the event you will receive an email explaining everything you need to know about the equipment needed to participate in the 100, 55 and 10 km events. It is important to define how contact with the support team will be maintained during participation in Trailwalker, and make sure before you start that enough food and drink is available. The 10km distance does not require a support team.


    Read all the detailed information for each distance: tracks, schedules, check-points, requirements, etc.