6-7 may 2023


    Dare to tackle this 55km hike, to be completed in a maximum of 16 hours. The route runs along the Girona Greenway, from Olot to Girona. To participate you must form a team of 6 people: 4 walkers and 2 support crew members. Join now!

    SING UP!


    Distance of 100km (in a maximum of 32 hours).
    The route runs along the Girona Greenway, from Olot to St. Feliu de Guíxols.

    Day: Saturday 6 May

    Place: Recinto Firal de Olot (C/ Madrid nº2)


    DOWNLOAD MAP (spanish version)


    A few days before the Trailwalker event, you will be able to download the "Roadbook", the "Route Track", the "Route Calculator" (.xls) and the Wikiloc Route, which will help you simulate and plan your Trailwalker.


    Consisting of the 4 people who will walk or run, and who must start and finish together (it is not a relay race), and 2 people who are a support team.


    In order to obtain the personalized race bib, all the details of all the team members must be entered on the website. Participants who are not registered on the website before midnight on 23 April will have a bib, but it will not be personalized with their name.


    Day: Thursday, 4 May.
    Time: from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m
    LPlace: Oxfam Intermón offices(Gran Via de les Corts nº641, Barcelona).


    Day: Friday, 5 May.
    Time: from 18:00 p.m. to 21:00 p.m.
    Place: Recinto Firal de Olot (C/ Madrid nº2)

    Important and essential!

    • You must contribute any donations missing until reaching the minimum funds necessary to participate.
    • Before collecting their bibs, all the people who make up the team must be registered and check that the mobile numbers you have indicated are the ones you will use during Trailwalker. As of that date we will issue the final lists and, for security reasons, we cannot accept changes
    • Download each team member’s card and bring it in, signed. If any team has not been able to complete the 2 participant minimum before bib collection, it will not be able to participate.
    • It is not necessary for the whole team to come to collect the bibs, as long as whoever comes brings the signed cards of everyone on the team.
    • In case of injury, you must submit the accident report to the insurer to recover the cost of the health care received.


    In the next section, you will find hotels and restaurants in the municipalities along the Trailwalker route. Some have special offers if you mention “Trailwalker”.  It is important for you to confirm the offer with the hotel or restaurant in advance: Olot hotels and restaurants.


    Minimum funds collected: €1,500 in donations. But don’t be scared! There are 6 members to each team; that’s 250€ per person. And, far from “costing you”, you can organize initiatives among your family, friends and work colleagues. Involve them by email and social media... This will give you the satisfaction of getting something significant done collectively.


    Along the way there will be checkpoints where participants can eat, drink and rest.


    We will update the information according to health regulations.


    During the race we will publish a link where you can track your friends, family or co-workers.